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Getting back to the brewHoliday season 2008… that means CoffeeInAction has left the desperate public with nothing to buzz about. We sincerely apologize. Not to worry. The book of everything (our log and notebook from the trip) has found its way back into our loving hands. Charming Chicago is next and both Melanie and Sara were, in fact, charmed. The “Windy City” is filled with social entreprenuers, local-community oriented businesses, and of course, sustainable coffee. Not to mention good friends and great times! And I (Sara) do promise you the conclusion of our road trip, and maybe some insight into our learning by February 2009. If not, I will buy anyone who has been negatively affected by our slacking a bag of sustainable coffee when they come to visit in Boulder. Happy reading!

Personal updates en route as well.

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This is Denali, our loyal companion.

A short dog-ography:

Denali, a 5 year old chocolate Labrador retriever, normally lives with the Coffee Labs crew in New York. She has been a loyal friend to customers and baristas alike. Her travels have been limited, moving from shelf, to floor, to office, and back again; but she sure loves her home.

When she heard we were taking off on an adventure she licked and begged her way into the car. She promised not to pee on the seats. We have been sending pictures back to her parents, Mike and Alicia at Coffee Labs, so they know that she is safe and sound. Keep your eyes out for more snapshots of Denali on the road.




To break up our drive, and to celebrate the sunny warm weather, we stopped at the Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in America (a.k.a. an American castle). Instead of touring inside, we covertly found our way into the woods.



Eventually we both shed our long sleeves. HOORAY! The sun warmed our skin and our spirits. We also took Denali for a well-deserved walk. Besides keeping us company on our long drives, Denali is the fierce protector of our car while we are away and sniffs out good people in coffee shops all around. She has, in fact, become a part of a few family portraits around the US so far.


Everyone loves the family dog.


A bonding moment
a scary moment
a little sunshine makes us happy
bamboo (miss you Bambu)

– Melanie and Sara Rose

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Cars..cars…cars…cars..cars. Besides pulling shots and getting side work done at Coffee Labs, all I think about is getting a diesel car. I had planned on checking out this 1987 Mercedes this afternoon, but sadly received an email this morning informing me that the car was sold yesterday.

We fell MADLY in love with an Old Mercedes Station Wagon – it was RED. The person selling it had an awesome way about her – good vibes, good vibes. But it was also in Pittsburgh and needed work done before it could pass an inspection. That made it a no go, and our hearts broke into a million pieces as we let her go. Sadface.

So now its back to square one. We are exploring different options, aka our friend Greg De Gunzberg – the corporate big-wig. CraigsList here we come!

-Sara Rose

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We love coffee. We love each other. We love to travel. We love learning. When these powers combine we are…(drum roll, please)…COFFEE IN ACTION!! Trumpets blare, the clouds part and angels sing a heavenly choir.

No, no…it is nothing that dramatic. Quite simply: we are two friends on a road trip to learn about coffee, community, and sustainability in the coffee industry.

Starting mid-February, we will be traveling around the US to experience small coffee businesses that are involved in their local community while also contributing to the improvement of the global coffee industry. We are especially interested in environmental sustainability (still working on getting and converting a car to vegetable oil) and social responsibility. Below is a list of the cities we will hit on our journey.

If you know about good coffee shops, important organizations to visit, or people wanting one-day volunteers, please let us know.

Thanks for reading (and wish us luck on our first ever blog!)

– Melanie & Sara

  1. Media, PA (Fair Trade Town)
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Lexington, VA
  5. Chapel Hill, NC
  6. Raleigh, NC
  7. Asheville, NC
  8. New Market, TN
  9. Atlanta, GA
  10. Leeds, AL
  11. New Orleans, LA
  12. Houston, TX
  13. Austin, TX
  14. Fort Worth, TX
  15. Oklahoma City, OK
  16. Albuquerque, NM
  17. Santa Fe, NM
  18. Denver, CO
  19. Boulder, CO
  20. Omaha, NE
  21. Des Moines, IA
  22. Chicago, IL
  23. Ann Arbor, MI
  24. Cleveland, OH
  26. Amherst, MA (Fair Trade Town)
  28. Brattleboro, VT (Fair Trade Town)

View The Map!

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