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Arriving in Asheville on Wednesday night we are greeted warmly by the Bangert family cat.

The welcome wagon.

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008.

We wake up on the later side, around 9, pack the car and head down town to visit our host Dan at his coffee shop Gourmet Perks. We have some of the best bagel sandwiches in our lives. The staff tell us the store has a reputation for attracting death metal and hard core punk bands from around the country. Dan explains that most of the show-goers are straight-edge. Staff members volunteer during shows, as well as have a lot of say in other aspects of the business, such as specials of the day and band recruitment.

Settled in at Gourmet Perks

Dancing Denali

Why no pants?


Dan sends us to his local roaster, Beanworks.

Green Bean storage

As we drive into downtown Asheville we notice YMSB is playing at the Asheville Civic Center. Bluegrass in North Carolina? Yes, Please! We promptly purchase tickets.

As we meander the streets of Asheville we stumble across…

Double Decker Cafe a red British double decker bus turned cafe!

Double Deckerimg_0878.jpgPretty Squares

As we have already consumed significant amounts of our favorite beverage we decide not to order anything and continue our wayward wanderings…

Chocolate is essential










Mugs at Malaprops









Our tummies start to rumble and we spot what looks like a restaurant sign in the distance. There is a steady stream of happy looking people in and out of the door, so we quicken our pace and prepare to scan the menu.

Much to our surprise the establishment is actually a specialty beer seller, and as fate would have it, they are hosting a free beer sampling.

Beer Tasting

A chit-chat with one of the brewer’s representatives results in free tickets to a tour of the Sweetwater facilities in Atlanta. We realize the concert time is fast approaching and scurry down to a vegetarian restaurant for a plate of pad thai and a side of sweet potato fries.

Thirty minutes later the band appears and we start to dance. Man, do we dance. For over two hours we jump, stomp, laugh, spin, hug, sing, groove, swing, clap, sweat, and move with the crowd at the foot of the stage.

The show ends and we are way to energized to think of bed. Upon our friend Frances’ recommendation we head to a local pub, Jack of the Hill to hear another string band.

Sitting at the end of a long table is Stony. Stony is a master at Connect 4. He is starting a project to create a national ranking of Connect 4 players. Melanie accepts his challenge. Stony: 4, Melanie 1.

We head home happy and exhausted.


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