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Getting back to the brewHoliday season 2008… that means CoffeeInAction has left the desperate public with nothing to buzz about. We sincerely apologize. Not to worry. The book of everything (our log and notebook from the trip) has found its way back into our loving hands. Charming Chicago is next and both Melanie and Sara were, in fact, charmed. The “Windy City” is filled with social entreprenuers, local-community oriented businesses, and of course, sustainable coffee. Not to mention good friends and great times! And I (Sara) do promise you the conclusion of our road trip, and maybe some insight into our learning by February 2009. If not, I will buy anyone who has been negatively affected by our slacking a bag of sustainable coffee when they come to visit in Boulder. Happy reading!

Personal updates en route as well.

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Important Equations

Every night I lose hours of sleep to coffee blogs.

Here it is, 1:30 in the morning and I was so consumed with reading and writing about coffee I didn’t notice my dog consuming my cookie. My cookie! Anyone who knows me knows I am serious about cookies, especially ones that contain chocolate chips.

Tonight something wonderful occurred in the real world as a result this coffee-blog obsession. Sara, our friend Laina, and I attended a coffee tasting at Society Coffee. The event was put on by a delightful triad of gentlemen. Daniel Humphries hosted (and posted on his blog about) the event where Taylor Mork introduced us to coffee from Crop to Cup, and educated us on Ugandan coffee farming, while Thomas, the owner of Society Coffee, was buzzing around making sure the night was flawless.

Taylor Mork - Owner of Crop to Cup

This event was different from the few other coffee events I have attended. They paired each coffee sample with a food from the menu at Society Coffee. Oh – a BIG tip of the hat to Wiley, the chef. The food was delectable and the pairings were palatially satisfying. (Again, with the making up of words.)

The pairs were:

Coffee from Uganda with Belgian waffles drizzled in a chocolate sauce.


A Colombian coffee with steak in a mild pepper sauce (my favorite combination of the night).


A Bolivian coffee with a squash and apple soup.

An African varietal of coffee grown in Panama and a cheesecake with nutmeg and cinnamon.

From the first sip of coffee to the last cheesecake crumb my mouth was in nirvana.

Did I mention the event was FREE?

And that’s not all…

Community is a cornerstone of our road trip, something we have not written about yet. Sara and I are people who are passionate about people. (If this page could play music, you would be hearing Streisand right now.) The individuals, and pairs, and trios we met tonight were uplifting and stimulating. It’s a rare, inspiring night when you walk into a room full of strangers and connect with the people around you. People were truly engaging with one another.

We sat with four women and spent the evening discussing everything from what we were tasting to helping one woman reconfigure the furniture in her apartment; from human rights to facebook, we all laughed, sighed and indulged our senses.

Good people, good coffee – that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!


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